Home of authentic species-specific music: the NY Times #1 idea of 2009

Science / Research

The results of the study conducted by Charles Snowdon at the University of Wisconsin on the effects of David Teie's species-specific music were published in the journal Biology Letters of the Royal Society in September 2009. It marked the first controlled study that showed a consistent and appropriate response to music from any species other than human. Although the tamarins were generally indifferent to the human music, the agitating species-specific music agitated them and the calming species-specific music calmed them. 

Ongoing research is being done at Frostburg State University on types of music that are designed to be uplifting for the cotton-topped tamarins. We are also hoping to discover if the presence of human music has no appreciable change in the calming effect of the ballad music.

We are involved in an ongoing interchange of ideas with the primate curators at the National Zoo. Listener feedback and fine-tuning has been an important part of the evolution of human music and will be an important part of the evolution of species-specific music as well. For this reason we welcome comments from cat owners – please post your ideas! There are some aspects of the music that cannot be changed while remaining authentic as cat music, but other features can be adjusted. Let us know – and we’ll let you know!


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